The GWUOHS Mentor Program

Dina Sofair

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High school is complicated, undoubtedly more so than middle school. You’ve got more work, which is harder to balance with the increased number and rigor of your extracurriculars. You’re beginning to prepare for college and/or professional life, which is a lot to manage and very intimidating, especially if it’s only your freshman year. That’s why the GWUOHS Mentor Program was started.

What is the Mentor Program? The Mentor Program was started to help guide freshmen through their first year of high school and help them set the tone for their next four years. It’s there to ease any fears they may have as they’re introduced to standardized college-entrance exams, increased workloads, graduation requirements, a wider variety of choice for their courses, and all else that comes up in ninth grade.

Who better to guide freshmen through the year than high school seniors? Seniors have gone through the transition from middle to high school recently, but have also been able to garner some wisdom and perspective in the years since. That’s why GW seniors who have exemplified strong leadership and dedication to the school are freshmen Mentors. By pairing 1-2 freshmen with a senior Mentor, freshmen are able to get swift responses to their questions, which will hopefully make the year boasting such a daunting transition that much smoother. Mentors are able to supply their Mentees with guidance in the academic, extracurricular, and social spheres specific to GW and in general, in addition to a look into their next four years. Moreover, the Mentor Program provides a great opportunity for students to get to know their GW peers.

If you’re a freshman and haven’t opted to be a part of the Mentor program yet, reach out to Dr. Coyle to get your permission slip signed!

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