GWUOHS Student, Alie-Jean Brewer, Published Author


Stephanie Katherine Y., Co-Editor/Contributor


As a guest speaker for my graduate level course Fine Arts and Literature for Children and Adolescents, twelve year old Alie-Jean entered the classroom in a most unassuming adult-like manner and presence that immediately fascinated and endeared her to everyone in the room. The moment that she began speaking , very confidently sharing passages from the first 4-5 chapters of Amelia’s Charm, and most articulately and concisely responding to questions and comments from the students, everyone became captivated with Alie-Jean the writer/author. We knew precisely at that moment in time that we were witnessing the budding career of a brilliant young writer.” Olivia Roane, Ed. D

Alie-Jean Brewer is a young author who lives in Delaware with her mom and dad [Michele and Tim], older brother [Knute], three ducks [Buttercup, Clover and Sage], two dogs [Blu and Emie] and two fish [Kevin and Neal].  Alie-Jean enjoys writing and recently published her first book on Amazon, Amelia’s Charm: discovering her heart, which she wrote when she was twelve.  This story may not have been told without Alie-Jean’s mother, who discovered the composition tossed in a file while she was cleaning. When asked about the file, Alie-Jean casually stated that she was bored one day so she decided to write a book.  An avid reader herself, Alie-Jean’s mom shared the book with a colleague at Wilmington University who immediately was impressed with Alie-Jean’s writing.  In fact, Dr. Olivia Roane was so fascinated that she invited Alie-Jean to share her book with a graduate level Fine Arts and Literature class.  Alie-Jean was well-received by her adult audience responding eloquently to questions from the graduate students ranging from “where did you get the idea” to “can you describe your strategy in keeping the readers engaged,” and even “can I put you in my pocket as a resource as I write my final project?”

The book reflects Alie-Jean’s love of animals as she shares the tales she creates from her profound imagination.  Amelia is the central character – an adorable baby hedgehog who is born blind.  Readers follow Amelia’s journey to find a cure and discover unexpected friendships, her bravery, resilience, and strengths.  Alie-Jean’s talent in weaving the challenging subject matter of child blindness with happy childhood adventures through animal characters captivates readers of all ages.  When asked where the idea for the story came from, Alie-Jean speaks about her love for Priscilla Cummings’ book, Blindsided about a teenager losing her eyesight.

It is not possible to be in this young author’s presence without noticing her mature empathy for those with disabilities. She is a National Capital Therapy Dogs certified handler with her golden doodle, Blu who is also a service dog.  Together they visit local schools and medical facilities offering companionship, comfort and unconditional love to help people recover from or better cope with health problems. And her compassion does not end there.  You could probably say that Alie-Jean is a real life version of Marty from the book Shiloh, constantly saving wounded birds, encouraging her friends to release fireflies they have captured in jars, and carefully returning small creatures who have ventured too far from their homes.

At home, Alie-Jean comes from a family of educators in her parents and brother who share a love of science with her.  You can often find chemical reactions taking place in the kitchen, biology experiments growing in the basement, or physics demonstrations in the garage.  She even hatched her ducklings from incubation, which was the highlight during the Thanksgiving holiday, sharing the experience with cousins Zach, Jamie and James.  She loves sitting outside with her animals, reading, writing poetry and stories, and planning her future as an author and veterinarian. When asked if she has any ideas for another book, her response is always “millions!”  Anyone who has read Amelia’s Charm will certainly be waiting to see where she takes us next.

Amelia’s Charm: discovering her heart is available on Amazon.