Lauren Watson- GWUOHS Student Profile

Student Profile February 2017

Ashley H., Contributor

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“Well-behaved women seldom make history,” wrote Laurel Thatcher Ulrich in 1976. History was certainly made on January 21, 2017, by the women of the Women’s March on Washington, a group that Lauren Watson, a senior at GWUOHS, is proud to belong to. “I went there to practice photojournalism and stand up for women’s rights. It was crazy! There were so many people and artwork and stories! It was beautiful.”
Lauren has been with GWUOHS since 9th grade, switching in order to increase practice time for figure skating, a sport for which she’s been training 12 years now. “There are multiple things that I love about this sport. One is the life lessons it teaches, such as how to get up from a fall, how to push through mental doubt and pressure, and how to be a good competitor. Another thing I love is how it’s become an outlet for me to decompress and focus on something else other than the stress of school and preparing for college.” At this point in her skating career, she’s a junior freestyle skater on the verge of moving up to senior, and she appreciates the schedule flexibility that GWUOHS gives her. “I love that I can do schoolwork on weekends to get ahead for the week. I also appreciate the amazing teachers we have who work with my schedule as well as their own for meetings when I don’t understand a certain topic.”
Around the GWUOHS community, you can find Lauren in several places. In the Math Lab, she helps students out with their homework: “Math problems are just puzzles, and I like assisting others.” She’s a member of the National Honors Society, which she enjoys because “it encourages and inspires me to get active within my community”. As a part of Photography Club, she is able to artistically document her world and share it with her peers, who in turn share their worlds with her. “Seeing their world is also really wonderful because typically students in GWUOHS live all around the world, which makes it a great club to be a part of.” Finally, she writes in the Poetry Club, enjoying the medium as “a creative way to express my emotions or how I feel about the world as I experience or learn about life and people”.
“Outside of school and skating, I try to lead a ‘normal teenage’ life,” Lauren says. Having received her scuba license last year, she volunteers cleaning tanks in the Mystic Aquarium. She holds a couple different jobs including summer math tutoring and year-round babysitting. She recently took up yoga with her mom, which, as well as being good fun, has helped with some of her past skating injuries. In addition to her creative pursuits within the school, she also loves to read, write, and sketch. “I’m not exactly fabulous at it, but I find it to be another great outlet.”
Do you like Harry Potter? If so, you might like to know that Lauren is “a super big Harry Potter fan, and if anyone is wondering, I am a Ravenclaw!”

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