Our Changing Lifestyle

Monica Daubon

As you are reading this article, you are most likely sitting down. Sitting down after a long day at a zoo, park, or sports tournament can be one of the best feelings in the world. But, as technology is making everyday life easier to complete from the comfort of our bed, it may be damaging our bodies as well.

Sedentary lifestyles have shown to decrease a person’s life span. Our many joints and muscles show evidence that our bodies are built to move easily. Keeping active is not just important to avoid obesity, but it is necessary to manage proper blood flow and muscle capacity. By eating more and more food and move less every day, many problems can arise that damage our lives.

First of all, sitting can damage our posture. You have probably been told to sit up straight, but naturally, we curve our backs to feel more comfortable hwile sitting. This makes our spines curved, but it shapes the spine for an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. So, when you get up to move, it can cause back pain. Curving your back also decreases the amount of space your lungs have to expand, which lessens the air capacity you can breathe in. Also, you may think that when your foot or leg is asleep that it is just temporary, and yes, it is. However, the lasting nerve damage that the lack of blood flow and muscle compression causes can hurt your joints and limit muscle growth.

When you are completing a motion as simple as walking, a protein, lipoprotein lipase, is working to burn off excess fat in your cells. When you sit, this protein is deactivated. So, not only are you not eliminating excess fat, but it is being built up in your blood vessels.

According to recent studies, a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver problems. This is because of the decreased blood flow and oxygenation of the organs. The studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle has contributed to 9% of premature deaths, or about 5 million people (TedTalks).

Luckily, there are ways to prevent the awful effects of being sedentary. First of all, if you have to be sitting, for example in school or for homework, try focusing on your posture. When you don’t have to sit, move around. It’s simple as that.