Standing Out

Vendela Dente

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For those who have just started high school or are still in high school, this post is a must read! Almost everyone plays a sport, but does that make you stand out when colleges look at your application?  When applying for colleges, it is important to be well-rounded and interesting.  In order to catch their attention you have to be different.  This is a great way to break out of your comfort zone and try new things.  In high school a lot of people try to conform, but you should try and find yourself so you are able to pick a college based on who you really are.

The mistake almost everyone makes is that they don’t try their freshman year, but freshman year is VERY important.  If you are able to keep your GPA around a 4.0 during your first year of high school, then you have wiggle room for harder classes.  I hear all the time, “Junior year, got to work hard” but the truth is you have to work hard every year.

Developing relationships with your teachers is more important than developing relationships with your peers.  This is because a relationship with teachers is like a ticket to an A.  It is important that they know your strengths and weaknesses.  Also, asking questions and being analytical is very important.  It shows them that you are on top of your work and that you are organized.

High school is all about organizing your time, but trust me there are plenty of hours in the day. Sacrifice is something you’ll have to do but it’s all worth it in the long run.

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