Note Taking Galore!

Christina L., Contributor

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Note taking is a real pain for students, especially for those who lack the organizational skills. It can be a hassle, considering how much your hand cramps and struggling to keep up with the lecturer while also maintaining clean, legible notes. Even then, notetakers struggle to find the actual information they need when looking over their notes. However, it may be time to start switching up note taking systems and try out new ones in hopes of obtaining better notes. Two helpful methods of note taking include the Cornell method and the outlining method, both of which are very easy to perform.

The Cornell method is a systematic format used for condensing and organization of your notes. Rule a piece of paper with approximately a 2 ½ inch margin on the left, with a six inch area on the right. Information is taking down in the six inch area, while cues of significant information are written in the left margin. The Cornell method is effective for note taking and studying, while saving time and effort with its easy format. It can be used for any lecture and has been shown to have little to no disadvantage.

Another note taking strategy is the outlining method. It is as simple as it sounds, often more effectively used in classes like physics or math. While taking notes using the outlining method, you should write in “points” based on space indention. Major points remain on the left with more specific points lean to the right. It allows level of importance to be indicated, while reducing the amount of revisions needed in notes and also allowing easy review when needed.

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