Top Three Memorization Techniques

Christina L., Contributor

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Let’s be real: studying is a gigantic pain, and when you’re studying, memorization is almost always pivotal. This can be a bit of a problem for students at George Washington University Online School, since not everyone has a photographic memory and can retain large chunks of information easily—especially if the content isn’t exactly your favorite. Memorization consumes a large amount of time and can steal a good night of sleep, which should also be considered when undergoing long hours of studying. However, by practicing these top three memorization techniques, studying can become a lot easier as you go along and you can save a lot more time.

There are three techniques that make memorization easier, one of these being the link method. The link method is a very simple technique, in which you create an association between the list of content you’re memorizing and images to each of those to make memorizing better. An example of using association in the link method is “I currently don’t have any cash to buy any inventory.” Another technique is the story method, which utilizes the association in the link method to string together a story. It’s especially helpful for remembering the sequences and order of the content you need to memorize. Lastly, the third technique is the classic loci method, which is centuries old and used by Ancient Romans. It also utilizes a list of content and associating it with locations, most of which are familiar.

By using one or all three of these techniques, the amount of time needed to study is drastically minimized and you can spend time on other activities such as sports and other leisurely activities. Now, with the knowledge of three important methods to memorization, you no longer have to wrack your brain for hours with the wrong methods and can peacefully study for any future tests.

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