Vendela Dente

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It’s sometimes scary to think that one day we will all be living on our own supporting our own families, but there is a way to prepare for that day. Instead of depending on your parents to schedule your tutors, doctor appointments, ect., take charge and do it yourself. By doing that you will learn how to talk to people professionally and you will become more independent. You can also become more independent by doing little things, like cleaning your room, making your bed, organizing your closet, washing and folding your own laundry, and making a list of what everyday products you need to buy more of.

Becoming independent doesn’t mean your teenage life is over. It means you are preparing yourself for the next chapter in your life and in order for that chapter to go as planned you have to know how to do the simple things in life that your mom once did for you.  I feel like my mom and I grew closer because she respects how independent I am and she loves that I take most of my chores off her hands. She has seen my initiative and has rewarded me with more freedom.  Becoming independent is a major step toward growing up and we all have to grow up someday. ~Vendela

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