Julian-Alexandre W.
Julian-Alexandre is a dynamic and comical tween, truly an old soul beyond his years. He is a native New Yorker and a curious WorldSchooler! He loves art, history, poetry, and Greek Mythology. His passion lies in theater and drama. Being a Triple Threat (Singing, Dancing, Acting) has always nurtured and invoked a bold voice to express his inner thoughts and emotions. In 2018, Julian-Alexandre achieved recognition as a State Finalist for his essay submitted to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., in a national writing contest called Letters About Literature, Level 1. Despite a busy schedule with academics, he manages to compete in national chess tournaments, participates in USTA tennis tournaments, trains in TaeKwonDo (presently a First Degree Black Belt). Julian-Alexandre is a Level 7 skier, and calls NorthStar in California and Beaver Creek in Colorado his alternate homes. His love of playing multiple instruments, including the piano, the guitar, the drums, the Japanese Taiko drums has helped him create differently and stay flexible mentally. (His first instrument at age 2 - Suzuki Cello). Some of the earlier lessons consists of grueling exercises - sitting upright with pennies on both feet... for 30 minutes straight! Discipline and persistence... Three years ago, Julian-Alexandre has discovered a deep interest in the political arena and the U.S. legal court system. He credits his tiger parents for always advocating early reading and writing (including womb studies), discussing world issues/ problems, and encouraging diversity and open-mindedness.

Julian-Alexandre W., Journalist

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Julian-Alexandre W.