2019-2020 Staff

Alexandra Hoethke


Alexandra Saffa, a junior at the George Washington University Online High School, is an editor of the GW Chronicle Newspaper. Alexandra is also the News Editor for the K12 International Academy’s newspaper, The iGlobe. She liv...

Safiye S.


Hey, everyone! I'm a freshman here at GWUOHS, and this is my second year writing for the yawp. Some of my interests include psychology, behavioral neuroscience, astrology, and political science, and my hobbies include snowboarding,...

AlieJean B.


Growing up in a small rural town in Delaware has allowed me to pursue some of my many passions. Some things I do are not very common for a junior. You can often find me tending to our luscious vegetable garden out in my back yard...

Lily M.

Journalist and Social Director

Hi, I’m Lily, a sophomore at GWUOHS living in San Francisco, California. I’ve always loved journalism and politics. I’ve written a few novels and enjoy working on essays and short stories as well. I spend some of my time...

Alexa W.


12th Grade Senior I love painting and drawing, especially with oil paints. I am also really active and enjoy running, volleyball, surfing, and hiking. I have had two of my research projects published at my previous school.

Brennan-Pierson W.


Brennan-Pierson W. is a New York City native who now lives in Orlando, Florida. His way of expression has always been channeled and fostered through the Arts in his earlier years - acting, dancing, and music. In 2018, Brennan-Pierson...

Emma D.


Hello, YAWP readers! My name is Emma, and I am an 11th grader living in Springfield, New Jersey, which is very close to New York City. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have been singing, acting, and dancing for eight ...

Emre S


Hi, my name is Emre, and I'm in 8th grade. I love watching the night sky with my telescope and traveling around the world to learn about new cultures and places. I’m an active person, and I’m always up to something. I have...

Gryffin T.


Gryffin T. is an 8th grade student attending GWUOHS. He has lived in the US Virgin Islands, California, Las Vegas, Florida, and currently resides in Chicago. He is the youngest of three siblings. His sister graduated GWUOHS last...

Julian-Alexandre W.


Julian-Alexandre is a dynamic and comical tween, truly an old soul beyond his years. He is a native New Yorker and a curious WorldSchooler! He loves art, history, poetry, and Greek Mythology. His passion lies in theater and drama....

Kyla W.


Hello everyone, my name is Kyla Woods, and I am currently a junior at K12 International Academy. This is my first year writing with GWUOHS, which makes me overly ecstatic to work with other skilled writers. I look forward to reading...

Kylie P.


My name is Kylie, I’m seventeen, and I’m a senior here at GWUOHS. I’m so excited to be joining the Yawp this year! I’ve loved writing for as long as I’ve been able to and can’t wait to contribute to our school’s...

Francesca R.


Francesca R. is 16 years and in 10th grade. Francesca was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania but has grown up in Minnesota. This is both her first year at GWUOHS, as well as her first semester writing for the newspaper. Aside from s...

Gianna Borja


Gianna Borja was born and raised on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. She has enjoyed fictional writing from a young age and has always had a love for reading and writing. Gianna is active in her community in local pageants...

Nyma E.


Hi, my name is Nyma, and I am currently a freshman here at GWUOHS! At the moment, I live in Nashville, TN. I enjoy reading, writing, and playing with my puppy! I have always been very interested in current events and journalism,...