Dina S.
The cliche all good things must come to an end seems to be the best way to characterize my sentiment about returning for my third and final year to the Yawp. The past two school years as a staff writer have allowed me to delve deeply into reading, writing, researching, interviewing, and so much more—an opportunity for which I am so grateful.

One of the most important things I’ve learned was how much I enjoy the writing/journalism process. Before the Yawp, I did like to read and write, but now, calling these a passion would be a far more accurate label. Reading and writing poems, articles, novels, and more, whether for just myself or for an audience, is incredibly enjoyable.

Living just near New York City has exposed me to a magnificent variety of topics ranging from food to sports, health to entertainment, to general news. As a sort of floater throughout the various writing categories we have here on the Yawp, I’m excited to see what I’ll have the chance to tackle this year.

Here’s to another amazing year on the Yawp!

Dina S., Journalist

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