2018-2019 Staff

Anna B.


Hello readers! My name is Anna, I’m sixteen, and I am currently a senior here at GWUOHS. This is my third and final year writing for the Yawp, while also having the opportunity to be one of the editors! My home base is in Knoxville,...

Alexandra H.

Editor & Journalist

My name is Alexandra H., and I am sixteen years old. I live in the Queen City, Charlotte, NC. I am a student in the tenth grade at the George Washington University Online High School. I have been a competitive figure skater since...

Dina S.


The cliche all good things must come to an end seems to be the best way to characterize my sentiment about returning for my third and final year to the Yawp. The past two school years as a staff writer have allowed me to delve...

Safiye S.


Hi, my name is Safiye and I’m in 8th grade. I love reading, writing, traveling and snowboarding.  I’m really excited to start writing because I love to share my knowledge and express myself by writing.  I think all of my ...

Corey F.


My name is Corey F. I am a 9th grader at the GWU Online High School. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. Some of my favorite hobbies include writing, reading, watching television/movies, and playing piano.

Christina L.


Hi everyone! I am Christina, an American-born Chinese (ABC) in a tiny town in Michigan, and I am sophomore at GWUOHS. Many of my friends know me as the cat lady who never shuts up about her opinions and is insanely infatuated...