Anushka H.
Hey guys, I’m Anushka H. from Houston! I’m a junior, and this is my first year at GWUOHS. I don’t have much writing experience, but I am looking forward to gaining some with the Yawp. I especially appreciate writing due to a strong love of reading. The power words have to create worlds or change them never ceases to amaze me. I’m excited to start writing for the newspaper, especially for the national news. Lately, there has been an abundance of topics to cover, and I believe that it is of the utmost importance to stay updated on what is happening. I am extremely passionate about this country and feel that as part of the future generation, I have a responsibility to be involved in America’s forward progress. I will strive to write informative pieces that shine a light on significant current events in the United States; I hope you enjoy them!

Anushka H., National News

Jun 01, 2017
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Apr 20, 2017
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Feb 21, 2017
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