Alie-Jean B.

Growing up in a small rural town in Delaware has allowed me to pursue some of my many passions.  You can often find me tending to our luscious vegetable garden out back with my stunning buff colored duck, Buttercup, following in my path and nipping at the tops of the clover.  Visiting with patients in local hospitals with my debonair therapy dog, Blue the Golden doodle, fulfills my passion in helping others.  And I cannot leave out one of my favorite activities when I spend time with my cuddle-buddy, my darling little Shin-poo, Emie.

I adore animals of all kinds [except for spiders – but who loves them anyway] which is probably why my first book [soon to be published] is about a loving little blind hedgehog named Amelia who sets out on a journey to have her sight restored, meeting numerous animal friends along the way.  So yeah – you guessed it – my other passion is writing which is why I joined the YAWP this year.  As an eighth grader, I hope to inspire my readers and stir their imaginations through the lens of a fourteen-year-old.  After all, one of our most cherished novels is viewed through the eyes of a child, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  Some of my favorite authors include Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games; Shel Silverstein, and Lois Lowery, The Giver.

Another passion of mine is staying healthy both physically and emotionally.  Maintaining a balance in life allows me to achieve my goals and fulfill my purpose.  I hope you enjoy reading my column and picking up some tips to help balance your own life.  After all, some days you eat carrots and workout, some days you eat donuts and refuse to get dressed.  It’s called balance!

Alie-Jean B., Health

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