Film Review 2017 – Spotlight: “La La Land”

Stephanie Katherine Y., Editor/Contributor

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Many films come and go each year, making hundreds of millions at the box office, but rarely do all these films touch the hearts and souls of so many diverse individuals. There has been one film, however, shining like a beacon of light and hope beyond all the tumult of daily life– this film is “La La Land.”

A ‘comedy/drama musical re-imagining,’ “La La Land” is a breath of fresh air to the cinema scene, reviving a thought to be dead genre of film and subsequently bringing young and fresh talent to the spotlight. Director Damien Chazelle calls the piece his ‘longtime passion project,’ as he had been bouncing the script around to numerous studios for 7 years, until Lionsgate decided to take a chance on the budding new director and a new genre defining piece. This film was not just made by Chazelle’s tireless fervor for the project; it was also made by the stellar performances of Emma Stone as Mia, a struggling actress, and Ryan Gosling, Sebastian, a struggling jazz musician trying to bring back the glory days of the great musicians. Both actors let their amazing dance and singing skills shine, allowing the film to be a journey and music and fun, while somehow managing to grasp on to the gravity of their characters’ circumstances in a real and true way.

This film deserves a stellar review for the tireless effort put in on all fronts of this production, from the very first sentence Chazelle wrote to the final scene edited in the cutting room. Every artist on this film poured their heart into this nostalgic piece of the wonder and glory of musicals from the 1950s– and it shows. From the first showstopping opening number, to the final touching scene between our two heroes, this film proves that there can be light in the darkness.

Final Verdict: 10/10

— Stephanie Katherine

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