Book Review – “Who Cooked the Last Supper? The Women’s History of the World”

Anna B., Contributor

Title: Who Cooked the Last Supper? The Women’s History of the World”

Author: Rosalind Miles

“For all women in the world who have no history.” – Rosalind Miles

Originally published under the title, The Women’s History of the World, Rosalind Miles’ non-fiction novel is a book dedicated to every girl who sat in history class and thought, what about me? From using animal skins, to creating the first baby sling, to Margaret Hamilton (the woman who handwrote the code to get humankind on the moon) Miles claims that whether their stories were forcibly erased or forgotten, women have always played a central role in history.

Rosalind Miles uses her dry sense of humor and (awful) puns to tell the stories and accomplishments of thousands of women from different parts of the world. Did you know that the first worshipped god was a woman? Or that the first calendar was created by women keeping track of their menstrual cycles? “Who Cooked the Last Supper?” provides readers with a witty retelling of the stories of women long forgotten by society, and brings them to life on the pages.

I enjoyed this book immensely, it took me about four hours to finish it. Miles’ darker sense of humor and honest story-telling drew me into the histories she decided to include in her book. She does mention that there are thousands more that she would loved to have included. The stories she chose are breathtaking and serious confidence boosters; you get to read about women who fought for what they believed in, changed the game in fields such as science and literature, and committed acts of bravery and courage that, sadly, are edited out of history books.

If you are not a fan of history, I will not recommend this book to you. Although it is witty and compelling, and Miles makes the stories as enjoyable as she can, it is history, which honestly, can sometimes be quite boring. I’ll give you book-nerds a fair warning, Miles is brutally honest in her story-telling, on everything from bride sales and abuse. If you can’t stomach that, just stop now.

As a fellow book-nerd, I really recommend this book, for both male and female readers. It gives you a perspective of history from a woman’s point of view and changes the way you see the world today. I recommend this book because these are the stories of your ancestors, your great-great-grandmother’s mother, or your 100th removed cousin. These are the stories of real women. As a woman reading them it felt like a part of me had come home.


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