Simon VS The Homosapiens Agenda Book Review

Anna B., Contributor

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Since starting the school year, I have found myself weighed down by homework, test anxiety, and an overall busy schedule. I have had little time to read anything outside of what is required for school, so I have wished for a light and happy story to come across my path for a while now.

I recently saw a short commercial for the big-screen adaptation of this book – and it was adorable – so I skipped my way through the bookstore as fast as I could to buy it. The cover and summary were intriguing, and I have never seen a YA novel that is centered around an LGBTQ protagonist, so I was excited.

Simon Spier is gay – he’s not sure when he’ll have his ‘coming out’ moment, and he’s not sure if he ever wants one. He knows he would be accepted by his family; it is just their tendency to be a little too overenthusiastic about anything he does. Simon and ‘Blue,’ an anonymous boy from his high school, have been sending emails back and forth – getting to know one another and sharing their experiences as closeted gay teenagers. One day, a classmate reads Blue and Simon’s emails to one another and uses them to blackmail Simon. The book is about Simon coming to terms with his sexuality and dealing with his black-mailing classmate – and pining over Blue, who is still anonymous.

It is a fantastic book – with that sappy high school-drama-love plot we all know too well. I am an extremely picky reader and have recently had kind of a fallback because I couldn’t find anything interesting to read. I couldn’t put this book down and finished it within a day. It gives you perspective; it puts you in the place of someone who is struggling with who they are – and how they come to terms with it.

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