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Anna S.

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Did you know, screenr.com allows you to record your voice over presentations that are on your computer screen?  This is useful for recording and sharing Power Point presentations for school assignments.

To use Screenr, you simply need to create an account using Facebook, Twitter, Google gmail, or Yahoo! Email.  If you do not have one of these accounts, you can create one for free.  Best of all, Screenr is free, too.

Once you login to Screenr there is a one minute tutorial, to help you get started.  The following steps include the basics to make a Screencast recording of your voice over a Power Point presentation on your computer desktop.

  1. Create your Power Point presentation.
  2. Open the Power Point in slide show mode.
  3. Create an account in screenr.com or login to an existing account.
  4. Click the “Record” button located at the top, right side of the page.  You can also click the yellow “Launch Screen Recorder Now” button.
  5. A recording frame will appear as a dashed rectangle on your screen.  Place this recording frame around your Power Point presentation.  Note this frame can be resized.  Only what is inside the frame will be recorded.
  6. A menu bar will appear at the bottom, left of the recording frame.
  7. When you are ready, click the red “Record” circle.
  8. Everything you say and all that you do on your computer screen within the frame, will be recorded.
  9. If you need a break click “Pause”.  When you come back, Screenr will pick up where you left off.  The recording will be seamless, without any gaps.
  10. Each Screencast can be a maximum of five minutes.
  11. When you are finished recording, click “Done”.
  12. At the bottom of your screen, you can add a message or comment to your Screencast.
  13. Finally, click “Publish”.

When your recording is complete, Screenr gives you a URL of your Screencast to share with teachers, classmates, and the world.  The URL will be in the address bar of your webpage.  From the “My Screencasts” page, you can upload your presentation to YouTube, or share it using Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button.  It will even be viewable from an iPhone.

So, next time your teacher tells you to put yourself into your presentation, think of using Screenr.

Happy presenting!

~ Anna

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