Writing Center Now Open!

Dina S., Contributor

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Writing is undoubtedly an important skill in life, but the magnitude of its importance is often lost on middle and high school students. In the academic world, effective writing acts as a tool that can take you nearly wherever you want to go. In business, in law, in science, in education, in politics, in communications, in the arts—writing is a defining skill: a skill that can set you apart from the rest. A bit closer to home, it is said by admissions officers everywhere that one of the most qualifying aspects of a student’s college application is the essay. The Ivy League, the public university, the small liberal arts college, the scientific institute, and the art and design college all look to admit strong writers: writers who can eloquently inform, persuade, and captivate their audiences. Strong writers are admitted.

But writing can be difficult. Students can get lost amidst the body paragraphs, bogged down by the similes and metaphors and by the ethos, pathos, and logos. They can lose sight of coherence and cohesion. Luckily for GW students, there is no need to stay lost. The Writing Center is now open twice per week, and the fantastic faculty and peer editors running it will ensure that you hand in an A-worthy essay. And even if you’re already a skilled writer, there’s no end to the insight that the Writing Center staff can lend you to make certain that you continue on your journey of high-level writing.

Writing Center Hours

  • Mondays 1 PM to 2 PM EST
  • Thursdays 1 PM to 2 PM EST

P.S.  Don’t forget, GW students! You can work on your courses over break! Whether you need to catch up, get ahead, or brush up on some course content, feel free to use this time to do so.

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