GWUOHS Student Athlete Club

Nina H., Contributor

FEATURE – GWUOHS Student Athlete Club

                Are you an athlete looking to connect with other fellow fitness lovers? Do you enjoy learning about injury prevention, balancing school and sports, and training techniques? If so, the GWUOHS Student Athlete club is for you! Sponsored by Mrs. Leighton, several members of the leadership team created the club for all student athletes. A fair portion of GWUOHS students are amateur or competitive athletes. Athletes can never have enough tips and tricks to bettering themselves and sports. The Student Athlete club will discuss balancing school and sports, injury prevention, training tips and more. There isn’t a set time or day for meetings due to every athlete’s varying schedules. Times and days will rotate based on the availability of the members and leaders. The club is open to everyone with an interest in sports and a willingness to learn. If this club seems like something that fancies your interests, please contact Mrs. Leighton.