Opposition to Climate Change

Sophia N., World News

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As Donald Trump’s administration kicks into high gear as they try to prove themselves, they result in making some seriously dramatic changes. One of the more recent changes was Trump’s proposition to slash the EPA budget, halting the environmental agency to stop researching climate change. This slash will have a snowball effect onto the science department, causing them to have less funding for researching cancer and diseases all over the world. Additionally, slashing the EPA’s spending by about $2.4 billion, will inadvertently cause hundreds to lose their jobs on ‘The Clean Power Plan.’ This “Clean Power Plan” was initiated by the Obama administration to try and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from power stations, which will be scrapped by the cut. All of the cuts that Donald Trump is making from across departments will be invested in the U.S military, where these cuts will only offer a short term solution for what Donald Trump hopes to be a stronger military. While, this only offers a short term benefit for the military and the building of the wall, what about the long term benefits?

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Opposition to Climate Change