Emre S, Journalist

As SpaceX launches its 4th Starlink mission on December the 14th. You may be wondering
what is this for? What will this bring to our world? Starlink plans to make a satellite
constellation by 2021. This will help us spread 5G around the world, even on deserted
islands! It will bring a faster connection speed across the globe faster than regular satellites.
Currently, there is 182 satellite in space orbiting around the earth. Elon Musk plans to launch
60 satellites every Starlink launch. If Starlink is completed, we may have 5G connection
speed all around the world. The satellites are 220-to-1,100 Ib in weight. Because the
spacecraft is small, it is easier to manufacture in significant amounts, so the cost goes down,
plus the reusability of the Falcon 9 makes it very cheap to produce and launch the satellites.
There is a controversial event that surrounds Starlink that, on September 2. 2019, a Starlink
satellite almost crashed into a weather satellite. Because of this Starlink got a lot of criticism
about the orbit pollution people think that it's going to cause orbit pollution. And could
come back years later by entering the atmosphere or making it a hazard for future missions.