A Whole New World

Cole B., Journalist

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A Whole New World

By Cole B., George Washington University Online High School Journalist

Mon April 15, 2019

(YAWP) – Technology is an ever-growing field of interesting inventions and gadgets like new computers or mobile phones. However, there is one field of technology that has had some major breakthroughs as of late – virtual reality.

Virtual reality devices, when first released, were slightly underwhelming. Early devices, such as the Oculus Rift, were unable to give its users an authentic, immersive experience. The displays of early devices allowed users to see individual pixels, and the motion tracking features were basically non-existent. However, many scientists and engineers have been working tirelessly to develop new technologies to meet the needs of the users.

The current virtual reality devices struggle to give their users a clear experience. As previously stated, users were able to see individual pixels of their screen. Now, as a solution to this issue, many designers, such as Samsung and LG, have started developing displays with higher pixel density. The high-density displays will ensure that the user will not be able to view single pixels, meaning that the experience will seem just like reality. Additionally, due to the realistic displays, VR-sickness may cease to exist.

VR-sickness occurs when people try to focus on specific objects in a virtual environment. When the users of VR headsets focus on certain objects in their field of view, they may become nauseous or dizzy. However, since certain developers are creating displays with high pixel densities, virtual worlds will feel real. This level of realism may make it impossible for users to distinguish between individual pixels, eliminating the cause of VR-sickness.

Furthermore, movement has always been a major problem with virtual reality devices. Developers have worked to find ways in which they can give users maximum mobility, but all attempts have limited users in some way. Nevertheless, there are always people who strive to innovate and create solutions to difficult-to-solve problems. So, as a solution to limited mobility, scientists have been developing and perfecting gloves that allow for the wearer’s hand movement to be tracked flawlessly. In addition to tracking, the gloves are also able to provide the user with realistic feedback. In certain virtual reality environments, there will be events that, in reality, would cause the user to feel something like a vibration. This level of feedback, which is normally unachievable by current virtual reality devices, will be included in the motion tracking gloves.

So, with all the interesting, innovative ideas and inventions being developed, the future of virtual reality seems to be very promising.



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