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Calling all GWUOHS: The Water Challenge


By: Alexandra Hoethke,  Editor and Journalist

Dina Sofair, Journalist

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Every two minutes, a child dies from a disease caused by a lack of safe drinking water. The water crisis affects people all around the world: both children and adults. Although the Earth may seem to possess a never-ending source of water, only 1% is safe to drink and accessible by humans. That mere 1% is needed to nourish 6.8 billion people around the world. From Yemen to Jordan, too many face the challenge of having to find clean and safe drinking water. Each day, women and children wake up and trek several miles in order to find this water. They walk an average of 3.7 miles every day just to collect water; and on the way back, they lug extremely heavy vessels of water, which are harmful to their backs and hinder the children’s physical development. This daily trudge to find clean water takes several hours—hours that could have been spent attending school and working toward a better future.

The water crisis is a real issue, and that is why Learn2Serve is taking part in The Water Challenge. Learn2Serve is calling on you, GWUOHS students, parents, siblings, and faculty members, to take part in The Water Challenge too. For two weeks, pledge to drink no beverages other than tap water. Set aside all the money that you would have spent on beverages, and donate it to The Water Project through our GWUOHS fundraising page*! The Water Project uses donations to build new wells, install sand dams where needed, and provide safe drinking water and clean facilities for people in need. What that means is every time you’re craving a soda, jot down how much it costs on your Savings Scorecard** and set that money aside for the fundraiser!

At the end of the two weeks, the individual who raises the most money will be named the winner! The Water Challenge ends on Wednesday, March 20th, so as long as you get a photo of Scorecard and your donations in by the 21st, you’ll be eligible to win the competition!

Students at GWUOHS have already embarked on this challenge and have committed to try to help those who are in desperate need of safe clean drinking water. This challenge teaches students how to be giving, humble, and determined to change the world and help others, especially those in need.  Kenzie Berger, a GWUOHS senior, says, “It was hard to give up coffee, which I usually drink every day, but I’m so glad that I’m doing it because I know it’s for something important. I’m really glad I have this opportunity to contribute in some way, even if it’s really small.”

Another GWUOHS junior stated, “Every time I really want a soda and am disappointed that I can only drink water, I just remind myself how I’m lucky to even have water at all. So many people don’t have it and are suffering as a result, and if I can help by giving up something I like for a little while, I’m going to do that.”

I myself feel that, as I do enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, I tend to forget how fortunate I am to be able to have access to clean water. After reading real-life stories on how women and children walk 3.7 miles a day—55 football fields!—in order to access safe draining water, I feel very determined to do everything I can to help those who are in desperate need of pure water, something I previously took for granted. I’m glad I’m able to contribute to those in need through the Water Challenge and hope that you will join me and the rest of Learn2Serve.



** see Learn2Serve’s initial email from March 4th to print your Savings Scorecards.



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