Never Again and Schools Threatening Suspension

Anna B., Contributor

“When did politics and money from the NRA become more important than our lives?” – Majory Stone Douglas Student, Phillip, during Parkland teens’ march on the capitol building.


One week after the Majory Stone Douglas school shooting, high school students around the United States are speaking up about lack of gun control by planning mass walk-outs and protests in honor of the seventeen victims of the mass shooting that occurred in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018.

However, school officials are threatening the teenage activists with harsh punishments, such as three-day suspensions and detentions. A superintendent of the Needville Independent School District in Texas gave a quote to USA Today stating – “Any student who participates in the act of protest or awareness will face three-day suspension.”

Colleges have responded to these threats by promising students that the suspensions will not hurt their chances of acceptance into their schools, the schools include Dartmouth, MIT, Yale, Brown, UCLA, University of Virginia, and George Washington University. The colleges have assured activists that their campuses are a protest-friendly environment that allows freedom of expression, and have encouraged the students to speak out.

“Never Again”, an organization created by the survivors of the shooting marched in Tallahassee and Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday to protest stricter gun laws. “We have had enough thoughts and prayers, of consideration, we have had enough.” Parkland student, Delaney Tarr says to cameras.

The official National Walkout is planned for March 14th, where students across the nation will peacefully protest gun control and give their respect to the seventeen victims by participating in seventeen minutes of silence. The organization named “March for Our Lives” will be holding a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. on March 24th – all are welcome to attend and fight for the lives of our students.

If you wish to give your respect to the victims of the Majory Stone Douglas High School shooting, please participate in the seventeen minutes of silence, attend the March for Our Lives event, or donate to a fund for the victims here: