Video Sensation Goes Viral

Hallie M., Social Media Correspondent

Hello, readers! This month, a video has surfaced that has gone extremely viral. They were the two little show-stoppers in a recent BBC World interview. Robert Kelly was sharing his thoughts on the impeachment of South Korea’s President when his young children waltzed in. The young girl garishly walked towards her father while the baby swiftly wheeled himself through the door. The BBC reporter then brings attention to the fact that Robert’s children have just unexpectedly crashed the interview. Kelly keeps his cool, but is a bit frazzled. Some seconds later, Robert’s wife speedily slides into the room grasping for the children. She struggles slightly, but eventually evacuates the room of these troublesome toddlers. Kelly continues his interview with wit and manages to leave a smile on our faces all the while.

I think there is an important lesson we can learn from this video. Sometimes, unexpected events occur in our lives. A natural reaction to these events usually includes feelings of panic and apprehension. Though Kelly’s children interrupted his serious interview on live television, he remained calm and pushed forward. I think we could all benefit from the example that Kelly has provided for us.