Avoid These Study Habits

Christina L., Contributor

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Studying is pivotal to a perfect grade, though studying can be extraordinarily frustrating when you lack the time or motivation to do it. What’s even worse is under these circumstances, no one ever taught you how to properly study to ensure high grades and you’re left to fend for yourself when the time comes to cram for a heavily weighted test. However, have no fear, student help is here. Students everywhere have certain study habits they stick to, which can be beneficial or detrimental to both their grades and mental health. In order to learn what they should and shouldn’t do when studying, they should avoid these habits.

Drop the all-nighter. High school and college kids are known to pull all-nighters, but the effects it has on your brain won’t help your grade. Instead of pulling an all-nighter, don’t wait until the night to cram. Take a look at your calendar and find out when the next test is and study in advance by a few days. By creating a study plan, it’s easier to gather yourself and process information with the stress of rushing to memorize your notes. Studying in advance has been proven by psychologists to be more effective than one study session right before a test. Cramming the night before can also cause people to lose sleep, which should be avoided as sleep is more important than many think. Therefore, lack of it can impair the memory and make it harder to focus.

In the midst of scrambling around for notes, make sure to take breaks in intervals when studying. While time may be of the essence, you’re wasting more time cramming in information while your brain won’t process anything due to being overworked for hours and hours. It’s important to get up and be physical during those breaks because physical exercise prevents a reversal in cognitive decay and improves your ability to learn by creating more neurons. If you’re not cramming in the middle of the night, forget hitting the hay and waking up early to study in the morning. Doing so can disrupt your REM sleep, which is crucial for solidifying all the notes you just memorized. Studying is surely difficult and some topics might make you feel like a fool, but with the right methods, you’ll surely ace your next test.