How NOT to Study for Finals (and other nastily exhausting tests)

The various results of a test.

The various results of a test.

Tessa R., Student Help

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The various results of a test.

DO NOT: Cram the night before by staying up super late and drinking a bunch of Red Bull.  Trust me, it doesn’t work.

DO: Study a little bit each day starting about a month (or more) before the test date.

DO NOT: Forget about the test.

DO: Mark the date on a calendar.  Having important dates written down (preferably in some bright, fun color) really helps you remember the date.  Here’s a fun motto: Out of sight, out of mind.

DO NOT: Completely flip out about the test.  Flipping out includes:

  • Angry tears
  • Etc.

DO: Take the test calmly and confidently.  I’ve found that all tests are not nearly as bad as they seem.

DO NOT: Stay up YouTube-ing the night before an exam.  Pre-test all-nighters result in consuming way too much caffeine the day of and leaden tiredness.

DO: Get a good night’s sleep.  It kind of helps to be awake for the actual test.

DO NOT: deprive yourself of food, even out of anxiety.  A growling stomach can be very distracting, come test time.

DO: Eat plenty of food.  It helps your concentration.

DO NOT: Not study for the test at all.

DO: Review course material.  Usually, there’s something you don’t remember that could be important.

DO NOT: Keep to yourself if you have a question.  Ask your burning question!

DO: Skype, K-mail, E-mail, or call your teacher if you’re confused about something.  Also attend help desks; they can be accessed under the CC tab on the courses homepage.

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