Faculty Profile February 2018 – Spotlight: Mr. Lucas Humphrey

Alie-Jean B., Co-Editor/Contributor

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This month’s Yawp feature is our own English teacher Mr. Lucas Humphrey! He teaches literary analysis and composition I and II , British & world literature, and the Rhetoric course. Mr. Humphrey lives in Keizer OR with his wife Stephanie, who is a medical laboratory scientist at Salem health, and his Dachshund-basset hound mix named Sammy. They enjoy outdoor activities, watching movies, and playing Mario Party.  He has been interested in teaching since he was in the first grade. He would use a chalkboard that was located in his basement and teach his sister what he had done in school that day. English was always his favorite subjects in school. He set out on his goal to prove that literature and language are just as important as ever even with the changes in media and communication. In college he always felt that one of his strengths was written communications. His interest in teaching started when he realized he wanted to share his passions with the younger generations. We are so lucky to have Mr. Humphrey as a teacher at George Washington University online high school.