GWUOHS Faculty Profile – Spotlight: Mr. Daniel Kelly

Dina S., Contributor

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This marks Mr. Kelly’s first year teaching at GWUOHS. After working as the Deputy Head of School for the Keystone School, he knew that the structure and prestige of K12’s private schools was something he wanted to be a part of.

Inspired by his college professors, Mr. Kelly decided to pursue a career in teaching after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in 2004. Since then, he’s taught 8th grade to college level classes in social studies and writing, and even some adult education courses. With a love of history, especially U.S. history, he currently teaches AP and regular U.S. History and U.S. Government, as well as AP Psychology.

Mr. Kelly’s favorite aspect of teaching is working with a student who at first does not understand a topic. After they finally grasp the concepts he says, the joy he or she shows is incredibly rewarding.

Mr. Kelly’s favorite teaching memory took place while he taught a high school equivalency class for six months to a group of about 24 students who believed they would not be able to pass the GED exam. Thanks to Mr. Kelly’s teaching, every single student passed—except one who, to be fair, to this day has not passed the exam. For him and his students, it was, as he describes, a glorious time.

On a personal note, Mr. Kelly grew up in Milton, a small Pennsylvania town near Bucknell University. He currently lives close by in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with his family—including his son Danny whom Mr. Kelly originally wanted to name Larry “but his mother would not allow it, so we settled with him taking my first name.”

While he was in high school, Mr. Kelly’s favorite class was gym—“not a joke,” he stresses. “I always played sports, so what could be any better than playing sports and getting high school credits and a grade for it?” As “a sports guy,” Mr. Kelly enjoys watching and engaging in sports throughout the year. He currently coaches his son’s soccer team for indoor and outdoor and has also coached at the high school level.

Welcome to GWUOHS, Mr. Kelly!

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