GWUOHS Faculty Profile – Spotlight: Mrs. Cassandra Brownlow

Dina S., Contributor

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The Family: Husband, Mac; Oldest daughter, Sophia; Middle daughter, Stella; Baby Fisher; and Mrs. Brownlow!

“It was exciting to dream up a school and attempt to build into it what I valued in education.”

Mrs. Brownlow has been teaching at GWUOHS since the school first opened around six years ago. With her favorite subject being English, she now teaches Journalism, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, American Literature, AP Language & Composition, and AP Literature & Composition, as well as runs the Writing Center, Poetry Club, and the Yawp! All throughout high school in fact, her favorite subject was English; and as she continued taking English classes into her college years, she fell further in love with the subject. College is also where she decided to pursue her career in teaching. She says her decision to get her teaching certificate was easy since she spent so much time working with high school students while she was a girls’ track coach during college. Since getting her certification, she has taught four years at a brick and mortar school, one year at iCademy, and now six years at GWUOHS.

As one of the founding teachers of GWUOHS, she helped build our school from the ground up—figuratively of course.  “It was exciting to dream up a school and attempt to build into it what I valued in education,” she says. While GWUOHS was in the works, one of Mrs. Brownlow’s biggest hopes for the school was that students and teachers would have a genuine chance to foster a relationship, no matter the distance between them. And once the school was up and running, in order to both develop these relationships as well as provide each student with the attention that he or she deserves, the advisory program functioned as the system to bring students and teachers together. Mrs. Brownlow envisions a great future for GWUOHS, and in her words, “For such a young school, we are making HUGE strides in the world of online education!”

Growing up in Idaho, Mrs. Brownlow spent her youth in the mountains and backcountry. Thus it’s no surprise that some of her favorite hobbies are mountain biking, trail running, fly-fishing, and skiing. She’s also incredibly passionate about backyard/urban farming. In her current city of Portland, Oregon, she is a dedicated gardener as well as a keeper of chickens and mason bees. Her family is another big part of her life. Her daughters, Sophia and Stella, are seven and four and a half, while her son, Fisher, is three months old. “My children continue to surprise and impress me. They make me laugh and they have me working every single day to be a better version of myself.”


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GWUOHS Faculty Profile – Spotlight: Mrs. Cassandra Brownlow