Mrs. Whitney Keaton — GWUOHS Faculty Profile

Dina Sofair, Feature/Faculty Profile Writer

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“I love learning more about my field and constantly working to make myself a better teacher.”

Mrs. Keaton is one of George Washington University Online High School’s science instructors. She teaches chemistry, environmental science, Earth science, forensic science, and even taught physics her first year at GWUOHS. She’s currently working on her Ph.D. in science education.

Mrs. Keaton grew up in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. She went to college to become a physical therapist, though after her first semester lost the passion for continuing in that direction. The combination of her love of science and the knowledge that she wanted to be helping others on her career path led to her advisor suggesting she try an education class. “After the very first course, I was hooked and knew [teaching] was what I was meant to do!”

This school year marks her fifth year teaching at GWUOHS. She taught at a brick and mortar high school for nine years and also at a community college part time. At the community college, she started to teach some hybrid and online courses, which she enjoyed very much. After that, she found K12 and GWUOHS and “was so excited about being a part of it from day one!”

When asked what her favorite thing about teaching is, she replied, “Working with my students to learn a topic that is difficult for them. When that light bulb goes off and they understand, it’s all worth it!”

With fourteen years of teaching experience, it was hard for her to pick just one favorite memory…. But she has loved all of the graduations that she has attended. “I love the feeling of celebration and being able to see all of those that I have taught move onto a new chapter of their lives.”

Mrs. Keaton currently lives in Ashburn, Virginia, with her family and their dog. Despite being very busy with her Ph.D. and her teaching, she makes time to spend time with her husband and her daughters, Olivia (almost three) and Haley (nine months).

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Mrs. Whitney Keaton — GWUOHS Faculty Profile