Getting to Know Ms.Green


Allison T., Faculty Profile

-Of our Six
Community values, which one is most important to you and why?

I think that the most important community value to me
is hard work. I think that this value is really the basis for everything in
life.  If you are willing to work hard,
then the rest of things will fall right into place.

-What motto do you
live by?

Love as much as you can; learn as much as you can, and
make the world a better place.

-Where would you
be on a day other than teaching the students of GW?

I would be found at Lake Tahoe during the summer time
throwing sticks to my dog and building sand castles with my kids. I can often
be found at my kids’ sporting events most of the other time. I also love to
rock climb, hike, bike, and run.

What is your
biggest fear

Not being able to give my kids the life that my parents
have given me.

What are three things
you cannot live without?

1. My family (including my dog) 2. Movies  3. Good food!

What is your
greatest extravagance?

Disneyland! And Glee J

Do you have any

I love reading, rock climbing, hiking, biking, running,
and spending time with my family.

-What is your
biggest pet peeve?

Students who fall behind in class. J

-What is your
favorite part about GWUOHS?

I am constantly overwhelmed by the amazing students
that I get to work with and the teachers as well.  We are really lucky!

Who are your
real-life heroes?

My mom and dad. They are the most amazing people that I
have ever encountered!

-What natural gift
would you most like to possess?

I wish I could dance and sing.

-Where is your
favorite vacation spot and why?

I love vacationing to Disneyland because it makes me
SUPER happy and Yosemite for its amazing scenery.