NBA All-Stars

Eric L., Sports

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This year’s NBA All-Star Game held in New York has come with some controversy. The game, which will be held on February 15, has come with discussions regarding the All Star Game’s rosters and reserve squads from the East and West. Many All Stars are no surprise like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Marc Gasol who could all be MVP contenders at years end. The reserves spots were up for grabs this year, and as always, the talks begin about who should and should not have had their spots. The Atlanta Hawks this year have three reserves in Jeff Teague, Al Horford, and Paul Millsap. This is deserving since they just ended a nineteen game win streak and have the best record in the league. One of the biggest arguments for who was snubbed could go for Kyle Korver of the Hawks as well. He is on pace to have the best shooting season of all time with over fifty percent shooting overall and from three point range with over ninety percent at the line. Only Steve Kerr has ever had such a season. Another argument could be made for Brandon Knight to be put on the team. He has led the Bucks to a playoff spot in the East and is averaging about 18 points and 5 assists per game. Although there were snubs in the East, most of the players picked like Kyrie Irving and Dwyane Wade deserve to be in New York. In the Western Conference there are many players like Damian Lillard who is averaging about 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists per game. Demarcus Cousins was also initially left off the list after having a career year and will replace the injured Kobe Bryant. With all the other great players left off the teams, Commissioner Adam Silver wants to expand the rosters and for the first time this year, All-Star balloting was open for every player. All-in-all, the payers picked this year definitely deserve to be in the All-Star Game.

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Hey everyone. My name is Eric and I’m from New York, but I also live in Washington D.C. This is my second year at George Washington and my second year...

NBA All-Stars