Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Gilliane Dixon

October Gilliane DixonOctober is a month that many recognize as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The goal of raising awareness is not only to raise funds in the hopes of finding a cure for this ongoing epidemic, but also to raise the precaution levels in the general public. Too many people do not catch this deadly disease until it is too late for doctors to do anything about it. Most either put off going in for screenings or decide that it is not worth the money because they do not realize the imminent threat. Without either having the gene or losing someone close to you from it most have no reason to pay attention to it.  However, while there is about a 65% chance of getting the mutation if you have the gene, only about 5-10% of all cases is hereditary.

Sports play a large part in this campaign and athlete’s everywhere show their support for the cause by wearing something pink. Many athletes use their wide publicity to raise funds for different foundations. Turning on the TV you can see football players decked out in different pink accessories or in specially designed uniforms that contain pink. On October 25, the NFL will launch its first ever breast cancer event, the Crucial Catch.

Many athletic brands like Nike and Under Armour have a special line of athletic wear containing pink. These brands also take much of the profit earned on these items and donate them to places like the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This year alone Dick’s Sporting Goods is donating over $250, 000 dollars to the cause.

No action is too small, so this month take a few minutes to donate to those who have lost their lives to breast cancer.