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There’s a phenomenon sweeping the New York professional basketball scene. Fans say it Linsane! The attention has spanned across other cities as word has spread.  Sports show host Boomer Carton said, “This one of the biggest stories in the sport since the golden days of Michael Jordon.”  Who is all the talk about?  Jeremy Lin, New York’s hottest basketball star at the moment.  He is a California native who was raised in Palo Alto. Lin a Harvard graduate was not offered any basketball scholarship and was an undrafted player out of college. He is the first Asian-American to play in the NBA.

It was February 4th 2012 and their season to that point was horrible. Although expectations for the season had been high they were falling short with an 8-15 record. The future was looking quite bleak.  Trade rumors started circulating involving almost every player on the team. Nobody including the head coach Mike D’antoni, was safe. He was in hot water with his job on the line. The Knicks had no true Point Guard running the show and had been a big topic since before the season even started forcing some players to play out of their comfort zone. Toney Douglas struggled due to shoulder problems, Mike Bibby didn’t have the ability to play in D’antoni’s high tempo system anymore, Baron Davis was injured, and the 21 year old rookie Iman Shumpert was not a Point Guard. The New York Knicks were playing on this against the New Jersey Nets. The score was 20-16 New Jersey in the first quarter, and Shumpert quickly ran into foul trouble with two personal fouls already.  With his back against the wall and boo’s beginning to pour out from The Garden crowd D’antoni looked down the bench and called for #17 Jeremy Lin to go in. Against one of the top point guards in the league Lin had 25 points 7 assists 5 rebounds and 2 steals in 31 minutes played off the bench. Jeremy Lin also helped the Knicks close the game out in the 4th quarter and thus Linsanity was born.

Ever since that game Lin has put up amazing numbers.  He scored in his first five starts more than any other player in NBA history.  That’s more than Jordan, Magic, Lebron, the list goes on. Lin is still going strong.   His skill and ability went unnoticed on two prior pro teams from which he was cut. In an ironic twist he was actually about a day away from being cut from the New York Knicks as well. It is an amazing story about an amazing player who was sleeping on his brother’s couch. Lin has taken New York and fellow players by storm. Steve Nash future hall of fame point guard tweeted, “It’s crazy.  I’m watching Linsanity and I hope every shot goes in. From anonymity to captivating, Lin’s number 17 Jersey has been a consistent top seller now.  NY loves Linsanity!