The Winter Holidays

Where's the Best Place to Travel?


Safiye S., Journalist

Winter is a wonderful time to travel. Some people prefer to travel to warm places like Thailand to relax and forget about the coldness, but others may prefer to travel to a country full of snow and other excellent but sometimes annoying aspects of the fourth season. Although it is not winter yet, it’s never too early to start planning. I wanted to tell you about five of my favorite winter vacation spots around the world.


  1. Finland, Rovaniemi

Lapland is an incredible place to visit around Christmas. It is the true definition of winter. It doesn’t matter if you came to Lapland to see Santa or if you wanted to snowboard or ski Finland is the place to visit


2.Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a beautiful city all year long but if what you’re looking for is the classic Europe trip experience combined with Christmas spirit and stunning decorations Vienna is a great place to visit.


3.Stowe, Vermont

This city is a great place to pay a visit to for people who want to ski or snowboard without having to travel to a different country. It’s a great place for almost every winter sport.


  1. Thailand

Thailand is an excellent place to escape to for a winter sun destination getaway. Scuba diving, swimming, and sightseeing are some of the things you can do. Traveling to Thailand will definitely bring the summer back for a short time


5.UAE, Dubai

Dubai is also a great place to visit in the winter it’s hot all year long in Dubai and with so many things to do you definitely won’t get bored in Dubai.


I hope you enjoyed this article about my personal recommendations for winter holiday destinations. (that rhymes!)I’ve been or personally know someone who has been to all of these places.