Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

Ramses V., Sta

For the many Star Wars fans out there… this is a need, this is a must, this is an honor, this is a privilege, this is what you need to know. Battlefront is an essential game for all Star Wars gamers. From the old Pandemic games to the new EA and DICE games – Battlefront has evolved.

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront was released in 2015, about 10 years after the older games were released. Star Wars Battlefront was a great game but it did have some room for improvement. For example, the old Hero and vehicle pick-up system was flawed because people could figure out where these would spawn and would camp at those locations. In addition, if there wasn’t anyone waiting when a Hero spawned, it could get taken by a new player without any knowledge of how to play as a Hero. Finally, Star Wars Battlefront did not offer a story mode.

When I found out in April 2017 that EA and DICE were releasing a Star Wars Battlefront II, I was more than ecstatic. In August, I pre-ordered the game, which gave me early beta access from October 4-11th. The full version of the game will be released on November 6th for those who pre-ordered it and November 17th for those who did not.

Based on my experience during the beta, I think that Star Wars Battlefront II is going to be one of the best games of the year. It features a few new game modes, including some offline game modes such as story mode and arcade mode. Other new modes include Galactic Assault, which is a 20 vs. 20 game mode, Strike, an 8 vs. 8 game mode, and Starfighter Assault, an objective-based game mode in which a player controls a starfighter. There are also now new classes of starfighters, such as Fighter, Interceptor, and Bomber.

In addition, Star Wars Battlefront II also fixes the problems of the old Hero and vehicle system by introducing Battle Points, which are earned every life depending on how well the player does. Earning enough Battle Points allows the player to play as a reinforcement like the B2 Super Battle Droid and the Jumptrooper or even play as a Hero like Rey and Han Solo.

Star Wars Battlefront II also features four new classes: Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist. Each class has a certain class-specific weapon; all Assaults have the CR-2, all Heavies have the FWMB-10K, all Officers have a Blurrg-1120, and all Specialists have an A2080-CFE.

Finally, Star Wars Battlefront II changes the Star Card system. Star Cards are gadgets that a player buys and equips, which can then be activated for a special advantage such as healing, an infantry turret (which shoots any enemies it sees), or a scan pulse (which allows the player to see enemies through walls). In the last Battlefront, a new player started with no Star Cards, but in the Battlefront II beta, players were given a set of default Star Cards upon beginning the game. I’m not sure whether these default cards were only for the beta, but if included in the full version coming out in November, they would mean a lot less work for players.

I would recommend Star Wars Battlefront II to anyone who is a Star Wars fan or enjoys games such as the Battlefield series, or maybe Call of Duty. It is a great game to play on your own, either in arcade mode or in story mode, or with friends in multiplayer. As the advertisements say, “Heroes are Born on the Battlefront.”