What’s It Really Like to Live in NYC?

Emily G., Contributor

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Considering the fact that I’ve lived in New York City for my entire, short 17 years, it’s not
a surprise when people ask me about life in this beautiful, large, abundantly diverse city that I
call home. It’s fair to say that the perceptional fantasy about living in NYC is true. It is indeed the American capital of culture and economy, and, in the wise words of Frank Sinatra, it’s the “city
that doesn’t sleep,” with 24/7 energy and liveliness. However, as a citizen, New York City takes
on a whole new and more significant meaning that only few can truly understand. So, I’m writing
to share with you guys this significant meaning beyond its touristic façade, and what it’s really
like to live in New York City.
1. The City will force you to be THE BEST you can be!
New York City is renown for offering the best of everything- the best food, the best
shops, the best museums. Believe it or not, that domination is reflected on its
population. Ambition is witnessed with every person you encounter: the fitness enthusiasts in
Central Park on a frigid winter morning, the Wall Street intern ready for his long subway
commute at 5 a.m, the street performers striving to put smiles on the faces of NYC, the devoted
street artist trying to make a living- the list is endless! In other words, when I step outside every morning, rain or shine, I can instantly feel that buzz of ambition in the air. Every single person I encounter is set on his or her personal path for success, which motivates me each day to set out on my own path for success. Living in the City forces you to be a part of that mission for success, to adopt that ambitious mindset regardless of your passion or goal, and to wake up every morning ready to conquer your day. The City provides this environment that encourages you to constantly strive to be the BEST you can be!
2. The inspiration is infinite
Visual art, theatre, music, history, nature – you name it! New York City has an abundance
of resources that allows its residents to take advantage of and thrive from. Only in NYC can one
go to work at 8 a.m, run over to the Metropolitan Museum during their lunch break, and go to a
live broadway show at 7 p.m with their friends all in one day (that might’ve been me!) Thus,
regardless of what it is that inspires you, the City guarantees it!
3. There are no limits!
Ever heard of the expression “think outside the box”? Well, in NYC, there is no box! The
City has no space to confine its melting pot of personalities, nationalities, cultures, beliefs, and
values into one box. In other words, there are NO limits to who you can be and what you can
do. Although believed to be overwhelming and intimidating in size, the City actually enables its
citizens to take advantage and explore their passions, to find their place in community, and
ultimately gain a better understanding of who they are in this large world.
You love to act and perform? Spend day after day auditioning for Broadway- getting
rejected, getting accepted, and repeat!
You enjoy art? Explore the hundreds of international renowned cultural art institutions
and historic sites on a daily basis, take a free art class at the Met, or watch the street artist pour his soul into his mural.
Are you a bookworm? Head over to the New York Public Libraries, or pick up a book at
your local café and spend the day people watching and losing yourself in your story.
Are you philanthropic and passionate about activism? Animal rights with the Humane
Society and ASPCA, educational charity with the GO Project, environmentalism with Climate
Change NYC are just a few of the thousands of organizations you can participate in.
These are just a few of the LIMITLESS passions that are explored throughout the City!
4. The City forces you to embrace your individuality and diversity
With 9 million people, 800 languages, and hundreds of nationalities, New York City forces its
residents to embrace everything foreign- tastes, smells, languages, perspectives, attitudes, and
emotions. There are so many personalities confined onto this island, so many fearless souls
proudly sharing who they are, that it motivates every person to do the same.
5. You learn to adapt
Although living in NYC comes with a lot of glorious pros, we do have our fair share of
inconveniences. Crowded and confined subways, constant traffic, the never-ending honking of
aggravated drivers. However, this lifestyle ultimately teaches you to adapt to any inconvenience
that life throws your way. You learn how to deal with whatever situation you’re stuck in, and
spend more time enjoying the important things in life and cherishing the conveniences. You start
to look at the bright side of little things- like never needing a car, having unlimited food delivery options, or having easy access to any store!
6. The energy is addictive
Addictive in a good way! Whether it’s listening to a saxophone player in Central Park, cramp
through the crowds of tourists along Times Square, or hearing the noisy fire truck sirens, energy
never ceases to exist. Even if one enjoys being alone, there is a constant opportunity for
company with just a turn of a corner. The energy of the sleepless city reaches into your soul and
engages you in all of the fascinating aspects of the city. Your creative energy is unleashed and
you are instantly in an of the city, thus in an of the energy!

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