Growing Up

Trisha K., Poetry

Growing Up


When I was little, I was never scared

I was never the type to turn down a dare

I loved heights and the rush of the fall

Swimming in the deep end, doing it all


Ten years later and I have grown taller

While the world around me seems to be smaller

And the days are no longer as new

And slowly, I run out of things to do


Sometimes I think I am falling behind

As I find myself living inside of my mind

I worry about things that almost never happen

I think too much, I hesitate, I doubt, and-


My thoughts have expanded to include fear

Of things I can’t see, touch, or hear

But things that crawl along the walls of my brain

And nest in the corner, where they like to remain


I used to laugh about things my parents wouldn’t tell

But now I understand – I understand too well

But the more that I grow and the older I turn,

I know there will always be something to learn


There will always be a chapter I don’t read aloud

There will always be thoughts my pen won’t write down

But little by little, I learn to let go

Because there will always be things I simply don’t know