Trisha K.


To stay at home or leave and fly

Take the cautious road or risk and try

Chase my heart or listen to my brain

But I can’t seem to tell what either are saying


Decisions, decisions – what should I do?

I wish I could see where each path leads to

Should I let the future be molded by fate?

Or decide on a course, one, I alone make


But which is the right one? And what is the best?

Should I simply go with it and leave the rest?

And why are all these questions unanswered?

And this turmoil within me stays inside and harbored


Before all this anxiety eats me alive

I must do what one should do, when one can’t decide

Take deep breaths, relax, and let it all be

The future will uncover when it is time to see


Who knows, I may be fortunate and rise

Either way I will grow up and learn to be wise

And if I should fail, what is there to lose?

I will learn and accept what I can’t undo


After all no one really knows for sure

The vial may be poison or it may be cure

The journey may be dangerous or swift and smooth

Or it may be a bit of both, we simply can’t choose