Tessa R., Creative Writing/Poetry

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Sadness is like a bullet hole,

A small circle where your heart is incomplete;

A scar reopened by bitterness,

A festering wound that brings tears to your eyes.


Sadness is like a barren winter,

Where no echoes of laughter resound;

Only bare trees and ice-white sorrow reside still,

Scant things surrounded by an emptiness left behind by

The crumpled leaves of autumn; the dead flowers of spring…


But like winter, sadness has new beginnings…

As the last clump of snow fades from the earth,

The last ugly scar of sorrow closes forever;

As the first flower opens its bud to the sun,

The first trace of a smile dances on your lips…

As the birds begin to sing again;

Laughter soon conquers the lamenting tears.

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