Who We Are

What exactly is The GW Yawp? We are the official school newspaper of George Washington University Online High School, or GWUOHS for short. When many people think of homeschooling, they think of ill-socialized kids who don’t actually do real schoolwork. They couldn’t be more wrong! GWUOHS is a fully functioning school with teachers and real homework and The GW Yawp is a real school newspaper with very talented student writers.

The GW Yawp is a regularly updated publication. There will be features on faculty, students, and polls along with articles on health, opinion, news, arts, sports, and media. You can also read about our awesome writers, or “Yawpers,” in the “Staff” section too!

So, what’s with the name the “The GW Yawp”? We derive our name from Walt Whitman and his barbaric yawp as our “Yawp Master” would happily tell you! This name is especially suiting, given our proclivity for yawping, which is also especially suiting, given our school mascot, Captain the Hound!

The purpose of The GW Yawp is to connect our students, faculty, and their friends and family. In other words, to make our school feel more like the “real school” that it is! GWUOHS is a school whose purpose is to bring out the best in its students, and we hope to help bring out that best with The GW Yawp.

It is the mission and intention of The GW Yawp and its staff to provide students and families of George Washington University Online High School a culminating and dynamic representation of the faculty and study body of the school. The GW Yawp will present and embody the very culture of GWUOHS and those of this academic family.

Have any questions? Concerns? Email The GW Yawp at [email protected]

Who We Are