Christina L.
Hi everyone! I am Christina, an American-born Chinese (ABC) in a tiny town in Michigan, and I am sophomore at GWUOHS. Many of my friends know me as the cat lady who never shuts up about her opinions and is insanely infatuated with her orange cat. I've always loved writing as a child, due to being a bookworm and avid fan of dystopian and classic novels. For some reason, I've always clicked with English because I love expressing opinions in writing as it gives me a place to voice what I believe in. I also had a fictional short story of mine published in my previous school's letter and I'd love to have my work published here too.   I previously went to Detroit Country Day School for six years, where I was told I could never keep my mouth shut about politics and human rights. I took every opportunity I could to turn an essay into something I deeply cared about, which I did by joining a diversity club and implementing feminism into an essay about Catcher in the Rye. My friends told me my ideas were too liberal for them but I came out strong with my opinions and received a high grade, which has continued to lead me to write about my opinions. As the days go on, I develop more and more opinions and there will never be a day where I'll shut my mouth.   I joined the newspaper because I wanted to write with purpose and while some people might think student help is a tedious topic, I don't. For some backstory, I joined GWUOHS primarily because of the academic stress a college prep school had on me. I worked laboriously and hard without any student help and it made me lose sleep and ultimately left me diagnosed with severe depression and a generalized anxiety disorder. Because of this, I hope to relieve a lot of stress from other students here with good study tips in student help articles that I've learned over time, ones that I wish someone had taught me when I was younger.

Christina L., Student Help

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